Romanian Roundtrip

Dear Sir or Madam,

We returned yesterday from the above mentioned tour.

We would like to let you know, that we really enjoyed this trip.

The travel guide (Miss Corina Trotter, World Synergy Travel) was excellent, qualified and friendly, the accommodations (hotels) were all very good.

The tour itinerary was interesting, well chosen!

We didn’t encounter any problems, everything worked out perfectly. The bus driver was also friendly and helpful.

Since everything worked out perfectly, no “negative atmosphere” appeared during the trip, which was also due to the friendly nature of Miss Corina Trotter.

We thank you for this trip, which worked out so well!

Best regards,

Roswitha Herrmann, Munich, Germany: 25.05 – 03.06.2016

Busteni Cross

Beautiful land

Hello WST Team,

I write to you today regarding our group.

The group was very pleased with the trip!

The group returned very happy back home and it discovered Romania as a very beautiful land. The program was perfect and satisfied the high demands of the group.


Thank you so much for the excellent care! Working with you is simply great.

We are always more than satisfied when we receive such a feedback from our guests.

Group, Germany - May 2016


Dracula/Transylvania trip


I would like to compliment Stefan (our tour guide) on his amazing performance leading the Dracula/Transylvania trip over the last weekend.  His knowledge, command of English, including slang and jokes, and sense of humor helped to make this trip one of the most amazing trips we have ever taken.

I said this on the feedback form, but I wanted to take the time to write this again because I was so impressed by Stefan’s skills, demeanor and attitude.  Among other things, one of my job duties is to lead trips and occasionally lead a guided type tour, and I have significant experience working with local tour guides as well.  Up until this weekend, I had thought that the man who taught me to lead trips was the best tour guide on the planet.  I have now changed my opinion, and I truly believe that Stefan gave me (and our group) the best group travel experience I have ever been involved with.

Stefan is a true gem, and an extremely valuable asset to your company. Thank you so much for providing him to us.  We will be requesting him next year.

Additionally, we plan to offer this trip again next year.  When we do make our arrangements, I would really like to make a special request for Stefan to be our guide again next year.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

Thank you so much,

Jay, USA - 03.11.2015


Tour in Romania

The client was very pleased. The hotel – great (apparently she received, as a gift from the hotel, a suite and a bottle of wine/sparkling wine? in her room). The food and the beverages were top, the flowers were even prettier than the ones in your pictures!!! – she was delighted!).

A great compliment to you and your colleagues, who helped us organize this trip and who contributed!

Tour operator, Germany - 17.08.2015

Bascket filled with Bulgarian pink roses

Romanian trip

Our tour in Romania (18–27 June) lies some time ago, but I would still like to offer you a feedback.

Firstly, the participants, as well as I, enjoyed the tour a lot. Many, if not every guest, went back home with a different (better) image of Romania.

I would now like to comment on each and every performance.

  • Bus driver: wonderful, a true gem. Very friendly, very helpful and, above everything, a very safe driver. Great compliment!
  • Tour guide (Ioan Sabr): excellent, wonderful, fantastic!
  • Program: a very good overview regarding the land and the people
  • Highlights: tour guide, food with the peasants in Sibiel, Danube Delta; whole program

Tour operator, Germany - 07.08.2015

Donau Delta, Pelikan im Frühjahr

Romanian Roundtrip

Our client is back. Each and every guest was pleased, a huge compliment to you!

Tour operator, Germany - 06.10.2015

Perfect trip

Dear Sir or Madam,

It rarely happens during a trip for everything – really everything – to work out almost perfectly. It was the case this time, and that’s why I want to sincerely thank you for your extensive preparatory work.

And now, details:

Every hotel, where we stayed at, was absolutely top class, and so was the food. I would have never imagined that hotels of this category existed in Romania.

The tour guides, who were sent by the Romanian travel agency, were the best messengers of your country. I would like to mention especially Tiberiu Cristian: his knowledge is unbeatable, his way of dealing with people is amazing and his way of forwarding knowledge is outstanding. I kindly ask you to pass this to the Romanian agency. He speaks flawless German, without any accent, his voice is unusually pleasant. He stayed in my bus – the guests were thrilled in his regard.

By the way, no tour guide ever received with me such a generous tip from a group.

The tour guides really managed to offer us a true image of the landscape, the people, the cultural treasures and the beauty of the cities we visited.

The choice of the bus tour and of the visited destinations was optimal; we supplemented a bit (Humor monastery and the fortified church of Harman).

The feedback, which I received yesterday from the guests during our drive back home, was enchanting.

I rather had concerns, believing that the richness of the program would demand too much of the guests, but this wasn’t the case – if one accepts the long journey, then they want to see a lot.

The food served by the mountain men in Sibiel was gorgeous, the people there were extremely kind and the dishes local – that’s always a plus.

In Poiana Brasov they served in a rustic restaurant bear roast – I had never tried it before, it wasn’t bad.

To sum up: this was the perfect trip.

Thank you again for your commitment and your effort – it was really worth it.

Best regards,
Helfried Grandl

Helfried Grandl, Austria - 06.08.2015

Medieval street view in Sighisoara 1000

Great Romanian Roundtrip

“Dear Ms. Gaman,

As promissed I write you today after our return back home. We have seen a lot, Sibiu, Brasov, Sighisoara, Bran, Peles, Viscri…We went hiking in Zarnesti canyon, we took also the cable to Babele…

We liked very much the excursion to the bear reservation with our guide, which told us a lot about Romania and which to us to Magura and to the canyon. We can recommend the dinner at the farmers from Sibiel, because it was a great family to be with and the food was delicious.

We were very happy with your organization and assistance.”

M. Worel, Germany - 29.07.2013


Romanian trip

“Dear Ioana,

Josie, the last member of our group, has returned safe and sound from our Romanian trip. As I turn to the computer screen, I can truly acclaim Romania to be a beautiful country, as evidenced by the unusually large number of beautiful photos taken. The memories of our visits are vivid. Each photo tells a story, and I am going to string them together with the other photos I receive from the rest of the group into a beautiful album to be shared by all.

Your suggestions were fantastic, your organization was superb. Adrian was a knowledgeable and informative guide, and Bogdan kept us safe and sound with his steady driving, his strong arms in lifting all the heavy luggage, and his forever easy-going smile.

Ioana, from this trip, we learned that Romania is a safe country, with warm-hearted people, and that they have braved a lot of adversity through the ages, and are now thriving. We agree with Prince Charles that this is the last piece of paradise in Europe.

Please accept again our sincerest thanks for giving us so much extra and making this our trip of a life time.”

Mr. Allan, Hong Kong - 09.10.2013

Moldovita Monastery 1000


“We have received the feedback of the clients Keim from 15.10.2013. They were very happy. That was a fantastic trip! thank you!”

Ms. Melanie, Swizerland - 08.11.2013



“The breakdown was a real amazing experience and travelling by horse and cart to Viscri one of the best things I’ve ever done with ACIS. Razvan and Johanna from WST were also amazing.”


Thomas, USA - 19.01.2013


Great Romanian Roundtrip

“Dear Ms. Gaman,

The guests loved the excursion in the Danube Delta. Ms. Pilsl expresses her gratitude for organizing the breakfast on the ship and for organizing the early departure. Everybody was very satisfied with the organization. The feedbacks were very good. Thank you again for the very good organization of the tour and for the great cooperation.”

Frau Monika Kohlmannhuber, Österreich - 31.07.2012