Romanian trip

“Dear Ioana,

Josie, the last member of our group, has returned safe and sound from our Romanian trip. As I turn to the computer screen, I can truly acclaim Romania to be a beautiful country, as evidenced by the unusually large number of beautiful photos taken. The memories of our visits are vivid. Each photo tells a story, and I am going to string them together with the other photos I receive from the rest of the group into a beautiful album to be shared by all.

Your suggestions were fantastic, your organization was superb. Adrian was a knowledgeable and informative guide, and Bogdan kept us safe and sound with his steady driving, his strong arms in lifting all the heavy luggage, and his forever easy-going smile.

Ioana, from this trip, we learned that Romania is a safe country, with warm-hearted people, and that they have braved a lot of adversity through the ages, and are now thriving. We agree with Prince Charles that this is the last piece of paradise in Europe.

Please accept again our sincerest thanks for giving us so much extra and making this our trip of a life time.”

Mr. Allan, Hong Kong - 09.10.2013

Moldovita Monastery 1000