Perfect trip

Dear Sir or Madam,

It rarely happens during a trip for everything – really everything – to work out almost perfectly. It was the case this time, and that’s why I want to sincerely thank you for your extensive preparatory work.

And now, details:

Every hotel, where we stayed at, was absolutely top class, and so was the food. I would have never imagined that hotels of this category existed in Romania.

The tour guides, who were sent by the Romanian travel agency, were the best messengers of your country. I would like to mention especially Tiberiu Cristian: his knowledge is unbeatable, his way of dealing with people is amazing and his way of forwarding knowledge is outstanding. I kindly ask you to pass this to the Romanian agency. He speaks flawless German, without any accent, his voice is unusually pleasant. He stayed in my bus – the guests were thrilled in his regard.

By the way, no tour guide ever received with me such a generous tip from a group.

The tour guides really managed to offer us a true image of the landscape, the people, the cultural treasures and the beauty of the cities we visited.

The choice of the bus tour and of the visited destinations was optimal; we supplemented a bit (Humor monastery and the fortified church of Harman).

The feedback, which I received yesterday from the guests during our drive back home, was enchanting.

I rather had concerns, believing that the richness of the program would demand too much of the guests, but this wasn’t the case – if one accepts the long journey, then they want to see a lot.

The food served by the mountain men in Sibiel was gorgeous, the people there were extremely kind and the dishes local – that’s always a plus.

In Poiana Brasov they served in a rustic restaurant bear roast – I had never tried it before, it wasn’t bad.

To sum up: this was the perfect trip.

Thank you again for your commitment and your effort – it was really worth it.

Best regards,
Helfried Grandl

Helfried Grandl, Austria - 06.08.2015

Medieval street view in Sighisoara 1000